Marriott International owns 4myhr. The 4myhr/Mgs Marriott log in is the extranet that is exclusively meant for the use of the Marriot owners, employees of the Marriot hotels and the Marriot franchise.
The data accessible by this log in is exclusively meant for the use of Marriot extranet. The data
that is managed from the log in are related to providing for the clean and nice smelling rooms
with comfortable bedding for tourists who stay in the Marriot hotel.

Logging In To 4myhr/Mgs Marriot

  • Once you get your EID and password you click the link https://mgs.marriott.com.
  • You will see a form that prompts you for the Enterprise ID and Password.
  • Enter the details there and you will gain access to the dashboard.
  • If you forget your password or you EID click on forgot password and follow the prompts that follow.
How to get The Mgs Marriott Enterprise ID Log in
EID refers to the Enterprise ID – You need to have a valid Enterprise ID to be able to log in to
the dashboard. A registration for an Enterprise ID is possible only by someone who is already
working in a company that has an Enterprise ID with Marriot. To have an Enterprise ID
requested on your behalf you need to get the help from an individual working in your company.
They will initiate the registration on your behalf. So, once they have initiated a registration you
will get your Enterprise ID and making us of the ID you will be able to sign in.

EID Registration
The features enabled on the dashboard are meant to facilitate exchange of information between
the vendors and the partners serving the purpose of Marriot international. You need to be an
associate, franchise, contractor or vendor of one or more of the following partners of Marriot to
get an EID registration done.
  • Canadian Marriott Associates
  • Canadian Franchisees
  • International Associates
  • International Franchisees
  • International Owners
  • North American Associates
  • North American Franchisees
  • North American Owners
  • Ritz-Carlton United States
  • Ritz-Carlton International
  • Consultants/Contractors
  • Vendors
Benefits of being a Marriot Employee
  • The longer an employee works for the brand, the number of vacations increases accordingly. The vacations are either scheduled at times of need or all of a sudden. Therefore, employees enjoy a sure fire vacation.
  • Employees can stay connected using the extranet log in even during vacations, thereby they are kept aware of all the notifications due to them even during vacations via www.4myhr.com
  • Discounts on all hotel rooms of Marriot for its employees are subject to availability.
  • During seasons employees need to pay like the common public. Night stays are not cheaper.
  • While on vacation, you will be able to make huge savings on food in the shops owned and run by the Marriot brand. The rate of discount will vary between classic holiday centers and others action packed centers.
  • To avoid any kind of misunderstanding about the deals that you can get with Marriot Hotels, read the coupons and offers clearly. Being an employee with the Marriot brand, comes to yo with the 4myhr Login and several other enjoyable perks.